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Oct 03

Getting Tarpitted

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We are having fun at the moment as our legitimate email to users that have Yahoo! email are not getting there, or if they do it comes in hours later.

It turns out that Yahoo! is tarpitting us.

This is just another example of how bad guys make life bad for everyone.

It is always bloody hard to get off of any ‘bad’ list even if you are a good guy.

2 Responses to “Getting Tarpitted”

  1. Tiago Silveira Says:

    Does your legitimate e-mail barely look like spam?

    One major issue with spam filtering for mailing lists is that everybody depends on things out of their reach. Subscribers need to rely on their email service providers. Publishers depend on the same providers, and providers rely on public blacklists, algorithms and heuristics that are usually far from perfect.

  2. Don Says:


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