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Aug 31

Getting into some space, and not having the team charge around after the ball

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I was feeling Bruce Tate-ish when I was watching a kids game of football (soccer if you are a yank :).

Last year, all of the kids were using the “bee” pattern. Everyone of them would race after the ball whereever it was. Things have changed a lot this year. Now some of the kids are starting to get it. Since they don’t have “offside” rules yet, one has realised that if he charges towards the goal, then if a friend passes up to him, he will have an easy goal.

I often feel like too many of us in the IT world are like kids playing soccer. We are all running around a ball, but the ball happens to be a Insert Latest Fad Here.

When I think I am being pragmatic, it is normally because I am spreading myself out, and my teammates are doing the same. We aren’t all clammering around the latest technology. Rather, since we are now spread out, we can be in position to help eachother, and to focus on our strengths.

Those with more front-end expertise can play up front, and others can be in the back end. However, since we are a team, we all still work together. Everyone defends, everyone attacks.

If you are really lucky you get to play like Brasil :)

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