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Aug 01

Getting around BigDecimal pain with Groovy

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BigDecimal is a necessary evil, isn’t it. Without it, you end up over-running primitive bounds and suddenly your results are weird “what is with the negative numbers?”.

I was talking with someone whose “users” are uber-intense actuaries.

They need to be able to write quick reports, and change functionality on the fly.

Rather than using full on Java, they interfaced via a scripting language, to give them concise scripts versus the verbosity that we know and love from Java :)

JavaScript was one choice, but they quickly ran into problems with double/float/int/BigDecimal, and they had to manually do a lot of work with BigDeminal objects and methods.

Then along came Groovy, which automatically groks the fact that it should take care of autogrowing the world.


def x = 10;

println x.class;

(1.0..100.0).step(20) { y ->
println x;

x = x * y;

println x.class;


class java.lang.Integer
class java.math.BigDecimal

Note the auto change, and how operators such as * / – + all JUST WORK.

9 Responses to “Getting around BigDecimal pain with Groovy”

  1. Toni Says:

    Yeah, looks nice. But then again – what happens if you’d try to use Math.sin() or a Math.sqrt(). These aren’t defined for BigInteger. Wouldn’t your script crash with a ClassCastException (or something like that) if your int suddently changes int a BigInteger? After all *this* is the most painful stuff that you have to deal with, when using BigInteger, not simple artithmetics.

  2. Scott Says:

    Simple math gets pretty painful with BigDecimal.
    Simple math gets pretty painful with BigDecimal.
    Simple interpolation in Groovy looks like it did in high school:
    (lowerValue*(upperBound-value) + upperValue*(value-lowerBound)) / (upperBound-lowerBound)

    In Java (I think?):
    lowerValue.multiply(upperBound.subtract(value)).add(upperValue.multiply(value.subtract(lowerBound))).divide(upperBound.subtract(lowerBound), 10, BigDecimal.ROUND_HALF_UP);

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