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Apr 01

Gaydar Seen for South Dakota Births

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A friend send me the picture below of a Gay-dar. He saw it as a hospital in South Dakota where he just met his baby a week ago.

After the baby was born, they started on the “bug baby and mom every 2 hours” routine to do some random tests that are somehow important. Just when you get the baby nice and calm they come and squeeze blood out of his heel, make him sit in his car seat for 1.5 hours, put electrodes on his brain and test his hearing, and on and on.

The strangest option for my friend was that they wanted to put electrodes on his baby’s head, and plug into this Gaydar machine. Visual impulses of men and women were sent to baby, and analysis would be done on the brain activity.

Aparantly if the baby was deemed to be “probably gay” the insurance premiums went down as statistically gays take care of their bodies a lot better.

I have a feeling Diebold is behind this somehow….


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  1. en Says:


  2. Paul Rock Says:

    Brilliant, son! Front page Onion-worthy. What were your “friend’s” baby’s test results? LMAO!

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