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Sep 15

Frustrating User Experiences: How Apple and DRM can ruin your flight

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As I got ready for my 10 hour flight to Europe, I booted up iTunes and looked around for some interesting TV shows and movies. I found a few new things that I thought would be good for wasting some of those hours away, so I put them on the iTunes tab.

Fast forward to 30k feet in the sky, when I pulled out the laptop after the obligatory 10 minutes of staring as we took off. I went to start one of the shows and was shocked to see:

Grr Quicktime

You are kidding me. How had the iTunes install experience now grabbed the latest Quicktime with it? This reminded me of the fuss that DRM has been making with Spore and how all this effort is going into the bad side of usage. Installing Spore and getting a bad hard drive would make you hate the darn thing and never buy anything of its ilk again. There has to be a better way.

If I had just downloaded a movie file, then even without Quicktime i could have played it.

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