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Apr 21

Firefox trunk now has HTML 5 drag and drop code; Time to get clipboard working nicer?

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I have already jabbered on about getting the clipboard to work nicely in Bespin and your own Web application.

Johan Sörlin noted the Firefox trunk had an interesting development with new code being checked in for HTML5 drag and drop.

He told me:

I’ve fiddled some with the new drag drop support in FF 3.6 nightly. And I was amazed to find that you can get the plain/text and html/text contents out of the drop event. So in theory this can be used as a method of accessing the clipboard.

However this event doesn’t fire when you paste contents so it can’t be used for now.

But according to the HTML5 spec the drop event should fire when you paste contents.

This is good news because now we have drag and drop support in code, and hopefully soon we will have access to data on paste!

4 Responses to “Firefox trunk now has HTML 5 drag and drop code; Time to get clipboard working nicer?”

  1. Elijah Grey Says:

    I implemented a Javascript library that uses the a while ago when the HTML5 drag and drop spec was initially implemented in Firefox, which added citations in multiple formats (ie. <blockquote> for HTML, quotes for plain text, ect.) called CiteDrag. It’s nice to hear that sooner or later CiteDrag will also support copy/paste.

  2. Christopher Blizzard Says:

    I want to make sure that we get this in after 3.5. It’s on my chase-the-platform-team list.

  3. rektide Says:

    Allow me to first say Ajaxian has been at the top of my blog roll for a long time, and I love it dearly; no one else presents the state of the ecosystem anything like Ajaxian.

    However I’ve only just discovered your personal blog. Finding your blog & in parituclar this post at the top has been remarkably serendipitous. I engaged in a bit of a war with another commenter on reddit over the recent Google O3D plugin release. My claim is that the web as a platform provides all the necessary hooks for growth, and that we should continue investing in the platform and growing it out, rather than developing independent plugins. My contender was insisting the web is a second class platform and that plugins were the answer, developing alternative paths for evolution.

    He put forth a number of claims of things that the web doesnt do, and, thinking to the FOWA 2009 Ajaxian presentation you and Ben gave, I feel like most of his claims are easily doable on the web. One of the few items I felt the web honestly had zero capability to do, that the web must adopt, was drag and drop between apps & webapps. Its something I had never considered before! And I couldnt recall any place where it had been heavily considered. Hearing that indeed, drag and drop was on someone’s radar, that, indeed, drag and drop was being worked on, well, it was a fantastic experience, and I thank you for so serendipitously renewing my resolve that the web ecosystem is the extensible base we really ought to be building from and that developers really are pushing forwards even in the places most have not considered. thread starts at

    thank you!,
    [email protected]

  4. sokubag Says:

    HTML 5 drag and drop code, good news.

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