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Sep 22

Ferret diverges from Lucene

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I am a long time Lucene fan, and was excited about being able to use Ferret in Ruby land to work on the same files.

That dream just died as David Balmain (Mr. Ferret) has jumped away from the Lucene file format:

This is the first Ferret announcement I’ve put up for a while, the reason being, the most recent releases of Ferret have been alpha releases. I completely rewrote Ferret from the ground up so that it no-longer uses Lucene’s file format and I was able to gain so great performance improvements in the process.

Do I need Ferret to use the same file format? Often-time no, as the app is in pure Rubyland, however, I know of a few projects in which being able to access the index from both worlds is a definite plus….. and not through a web service ;)

I guess we will have to use one of the other lucene ports for that.

5 Responses to “Ferret diverges from Lucene”

  1. Otis Gospodnetic Says:

    Ouch. That may hurt in the long run. I thought David was working (on) Lucy, so that situations like this one coul dbe avoided…

  2. Otis Gospodnetic Says:

    Ouch. That may hurt in the long run. I thought David was working (on) Lucy, so that situations like this one could be avoided…

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