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Jun 02

Fancy writing code for Obama this summer?

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I got an email from Michael Slaby, CTO of Obama’s campaign, as I am sure a ton of people did who somehow said they are software developers.

I think that Barak’s webpage is by far the best of all candidates, and it even did well on my super Tuesday Ajax endorsements.

For a second I had the thought of packing up the family, asking Google for a six mouth sabbatical, and heading to Boston to try to make sure Obama wins the presidential election. Wouldn’t it be great to say to my grandkids “Yes Bobby, after 8 of the worst years the US has ever had I got in the trenches to make a difference. Not with a sword, but with this thing we used to call a ‘computer’.”

Really has kicked in, but it would be a real wild ride.

How about you?

From day one, this campaign has used technology to help build a movement of millions of people.

As we broaden this effort and look toward the general election, we’ll increasingly rely on online tools to empower these supporters.

You once expressed an interest in helping out on the campaign or told us you work at a technology company.

Right now, you can be part of the campaign that’s using the Internet to revolutionize presidential politics — and play a key role in the movement that will change this country.

7 Responses to “Fancy writing code for Obama this summer?”

  1. anon Says:

    I’m a huge fan of your AJAX + Google projects.

    This type of partisan pro-Obama, Bush-hating sentiment is completely offensive. Obama has a radical far-left voting record, he favors wealth redistribution policies, he’s against free trade, etc. I’ll spare you my further viewpoint, which I suspect would be unwelcome, but I ask you to do the same, for myself and all of your other libertarian minded fans.

  2. .... Says:

    @anon: agree 100%
    Obama a savior? hardly…….

  3. Rey Bango Says:

    @anon: Last I checked, this was Dion’s personal blog and being that he lives in the United States has every right to express his opinions about his political views. If you don’t like them, then feel free to comment or post a counterpoint. But don’t try to minimize his views or ask him not to express his opinions. That, itself, is completely offensive.

    Finally, have the testicular fortitude to post under your real name. Dion’s not going to bite you.

  4. Simon Harris Says:

    @anon: So let me get this straight, you’re a self-proclaimed libertarian which, I presume, also includes the right to free speech yet you have the temerity to tell someone else what they can/can’t write about in their own blog. Dion is not only exercising his right to free speech, he is doing so under his real name which is more than I can say for you.

    I’m pretty sure criticising a president isn’t considered treason (anymore) moreover doing so doesn’t mean Dion hates the president. Criticising someone’s behaviour is not the same thing as criticising the person. Unfortunately these two concepts seem to be consistently conflated in the narrow minds of some.

    You then go on to criticise Obama by listing policies that you seem to hold as self-evidently bad. Note to anon: there’s no such thing.

    Thankfully, calling me un-american for my comments might be considered a compliment where I come from ;-)

  5. dion Says:

    @anonymous folk: I am sorry this offended you. It is hardly like I wrote a diatribe on “why bush sucks.” In fact, the only point related to Bush is the fact that I think the last 8 years have been bad…. which doesn’t even mention Bush! You don’t have to look far on the Internet to find people who are talking a lot more powerfully on the subject.

    In fact this post was about how interesting the Internet has become to the campaigns, and how that empowers folks like ourselves who built sites and practices on the Internet. We should be excited about that.

    @rey and @simon: Thanks for not just “sticking up for me” but having thoughtful remarks too!

  6. Jesse Kuhnert Says:

    I was almost ready to apply until I noticed them wanting PHP devs. (which is fine, just not for me…at least not for more than 1 day in a row if I can help it)

  7. Dan Shaw Says:

    Yeah, last night I tuned into the live ustream speach that supported 4000-5000+ users without a hitch. I eventually moved over to TV to be able to sit back and enjoy it on the big screen, but if it hadn’t been online I probably would not have tuned in.

    Politics completely aside, Obama’s team really gets technology. His team has an effective and appropriate presence on all the social networks that I’m on. Smart.

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