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Jul 19

Facebook changes I would like to see

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Everyone is buzzing on Facebook. I think their inside out opening is a stroke of genius. Richard McManamus has been talking Facebook all week, culminating with a piece on The impact of Facebook.

There are some things I would love to change about Facebook though:

Get rid of the login jail

I have already talked about this, but having Facebook be smart enough to realise that I login from multiple sources (different computers, iphone, etc) would make me pull my hair out less. You may think it is a small thing, but it is a pain, especially when you have to login on the iphone.

Forget page views

Do what is right for the users. For example, when someone sends me a message on Facebook, do not just email me with a link to the message. Just send me the darn message, and let me reply to it in my email. I think that you would find that you would get more content going through your system that way and you could monetize that.


I have heard a few people saying that they don’t trust Facebook, and that they are too locked in. Instead of locking in your users, have a good strategy for data import/export. Get the APIs out there ASAP and you will own the entire space de facto. If I know that I *can* get my data out, I will be prone to do more with you. Although this opens you up to users leaving to other areas, in practice is that going to be happen? It is all psychological. I just want to know that I *can* move somewhere else. Offer a good service and I have no reason to leave.


The left hand side limits the number of menu items above the “show more” fold. I know that this is because you want an ad there, but get rid of it. Let me put as many items on show as possible. When apps are hidden I forget about them and don’t use them.

Let me tweak the settings more, mainly to ignore items that get in my way. This isn’t about making “my page” look better (or worse in the MySpace way), it is about organization. If this is to be a true hub, I need to be able to tweak it out more.

I also need to look more into the separation of profiles, specifically between work and home life. I don’t know if I need work mates to see my college pictures, or if I have broken up with someone. I want to be able to fine tune these settings.

Also, the search needs to be better, and I am glad that I am not a female who changed my name, as then you are going to be hard to find (make that easier).

2 Responses to “Facebook changes I would like to see”

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  2. Ruhani Rabin Says:

    Agree with you about facebook features that u have mentioned above .. Additionally theme customization is missing.. they should at least put a feature for CSS customization.. and thanks for accepting my request :)

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