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Feb 12

Enso Launcher: Windows people can get quickly silvered

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You often hear Mac folk talking about Quicksilver and how they love it. It is more than a launcher.

Now there is something interesting in the Windows world (better than adding shortcut keys to your applications).

Enso Launcher is now out in the wild.

I first saw Enso Launcher at the last Ajax Experience, as Aza Raskin was showing it off (and his love for Python).

They also released Enso Words showing off spellcheck everywhere.

So, if you hate the mouse and you are a Windows bloke, open http://www.humanized.com/products/enso/launcher/ and go.


6 Responses to “Enso Launcher: Windows people can get quickly silvered”

  1. David Says:

    Link is problematic – it includes HTML in it

  2. Leeb Says:

    We have just written an application called Kodachi that could be called a Quicksilver for Windows, and we are looking for beta testers. Check it out at http://rapiersoftware.com if you are interested. Thanks!


  3. Geoffrey Wiseman Says:

    Looks neat, although I’m happy enough with Launchy that I’m not sure there’s enough added value here to justify the cost.

  4. AL Says:

    I’ve just purchased ENSO Launcher! Here are my thoughts.

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