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Sep 13

Effective Enterprise Java: Writing a foreward for Ted

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I had the pleasure of being asked to write a foreward for Ted Neward’s new book Effective Enterprise Java.

I have never written a foreward, so it was kinda fun to think about. What do you actually write in a foreward? I had to take a peek at a couple of examples, and then just said down and said the truth on what I thought about the book.

So, rather than post what I think about the book here…. I can copy and paste from my first book foreward!

Effective Enterprise Java Foreward

Designing and implementing large scale enterprise systems is hard. Building Effective Enterprise Java deployments is even harder. I have seen this on a daily basis in two roles. Firstly, when consulting on enterprise projects, you see the real world issues that developers are facing. Developing for the enterprise is a very different beast when compared to build smaller, standalone applications. You just have to consider issues that you can safely ignore in the other world. As soon as you have to share data between multiple users you start down the enterprise path. What is the best solution for allowing concurrency to this data? How coherent and correct does it have to be? How can we scale up from 2, to 50, to 1000 clients? These are all significant questions, and I don

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