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Jul 01

Despressing day

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England are out. We had been playing crap, but I kept thinking that we could come through.

Instead, we played continental footy instead of our premiership style. Slowing the game down isn’t going to do anything for us. I thought we were better than Portugal, but Rooney got silly, and a lot of players didn’t show up. Aaron Lennon, Stevie G, Terry and even Crouch aside.

Now we need to show up in South Africa in 90 degree heat? ;)

France were personified by Zidane who was a master again.

The World Cup now looks like the draw for Euro 2008.

At least Andy Murray will win Wimbledon? ;)

3 Responses to “Despressing day”

  1. Binil Says:

    Steven Harmison getting hammered at 14.5 per over, isn’t great preparation for the Ashes either :-)

  2. Anonymous Says:

    > Now we need to show up in South Africa in 90 degree heat? ;)

    It’s currently 50F in South Africa. Are they going to be playing at a different time of the year?

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