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Aug 09

Dependency Injection: Vitally Important or Totally Irrelevant?

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Jim Weirich talked about the experiences that various people have had in the Ruby world, at migrating the popular IoC craze that started in Java-land via Spring/Pico/HiveMind.

It has been interesting to see Ruby frameworks such as Needle and co. jump into Ruby, to have a lot of people ponder if it REALLY makes sense.

I think the heart of it comes from his comparison:

Java Classes are “Hard”

  • Not Objects
  • (mostly) Source Code Constructs
  • Unchangable at Runtime
  • Class name directly identifies the class.

Ruby Classes are “Soft”

  • Just Objects
  • Runtime live
  • Changable at Runtime
  • Class name is just a label pasted on an object

… and that in general factories aren’t a pain in Ruby, and classes are open so you can sneak in and add mock behaviour whenever you want… ON that class/object.

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