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Mar 31


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There has been a lot of hubub around the new social bookmarking kid on the block:

As Jon Udell has said the responses have been either:

Good! is closed-source, the world needs an open-source social bookmarking service.

Bad! Geez, what a lame ripoff!

I actually thought both of these at the same time. I didn’t see any features which would make me take the time to move all of my bookmarks over (and if wants to get serious then it should create an import mechanism from has a chance to make it IF:

  • stagnates
  • starts getting weird due to the investment that Joshua Schachter has taken. However, the investment could really help grow now it has full time backing
  • Since is open source, if they build a community which adds a lot of features that people are crying out for (e.g. private bookmarks)

In some ways (in famous SAT format): is to


Nutch is to Google

I still use Google rather than Nutch (right now), but it is nice to know that Nutch is around in case Google starts to change to “Be Evil” ;)

5 Responses to “Del.icio.usly”

  1. Dale Asberry Says:

    What about if you want to integrate the code into your own Google-Technorati-Gmail-Bloglines-LinkedIn?

  2. Thejaswi Says:

    I guess the “Nutch” link in “Nutch is to Google” is broken ( you havn’t closed the quotes ).

  3. Dion Says:

    Thanks Thejaswi.

  4. rck Says:

    I haven’t looked at either. Both domain-names look awkward for me, I’d prefer something simpler…

    On the other hand, having a centralized bookmarking service certainly has its advantages. I should look around whether there is some php-based bookmark server similar to these services which I could put on my server for my personal needs.


  5. Steve Mallett Says:

    We now have private bookmarks.

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