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Dec 22

Constant chatter on the plane

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We are seeing the start of airlines letting you chat on the phone whilst airborne.

I wish they would go the other way. Kinda.

It is almost humorous to see people go nuts to get their phone turned on as soon as the wheels touch the ground. What is SO important that you need to be in touch immediately, versus stepping onto terra firma?

A woman next to me on a resent flight held her phone the entire time, and sat there looking at it again, and again, and again.

Wouldn’t it be nicer to go back to “no phone calls at all” on a plane? Do we really need to hear that woman shouting to her hubby when we land?

How about if we only allow silent communication? mobile browsing / texting is OK as it doesn’t irritate people… but even then. Just freaking wait a minute.

2 Responses to “Constant chatter on the plane”

  1. Norman Richards Says:

    We should completely ban people talking to each other during the flight. I hate having to listen to the sound of other people’s voices.

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