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Mar 16


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It was good to read about Comcast and TiVo getting together.

I think TiVo needs this. If you look at their numbers for new subscriptions, a LOT come from DirecTiVo. Getting Comcast in on this will take TiVo subscriptions to the next level. People will be getting it without even knowing they are getting TiVo.

I am pleasantly surprised, as I thought Comcast was doing their own DVR, and if it was “OK”, it could still have really hurt TiVo.

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  1. Chris Says:

    I hope they don’t bastardize the Tivo functionality too much to get it shoehorned onto the Comcast hardware. I tried the Comcast DVR a while back…my original Series 1 Tivo was getting long in the tooth and Comcast had a great deal on their DVR. Long story short, I ended up sending the Comcast DVR back and buying a Series 2 Tivo. The Comcast DVR interface and features just plain sucked. Anyone who has used a Tivo would never be satisfied with the Comcast DVR as it exists today.

  2. MFFIP Says:

    MFFIP, Inc. announces the sale of a US Utility Patent Application designated DVR001. The disclosure includes innovations in the DVR field. Bids are being accepted on eBay, item number 5981167951.

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