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Jul 27

Cleanup of manual animation via Dojo Animation

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When posting on the Bespin Pie back in the day, I showed the Dojo animation code that we used to fake out our canvas pie animation:

var anim = dojo.fadeIn({
    node: { // fake it out for Dojo to think it is changing the style :)
        style: {}
    duration: 500,
    easing: dojo.fx.easing.backOut,
    onAnimate: function(values) {
        var progress = values.opacity;

Pete Higgin’s hinted that we should cleanup this hack (asking to do the opacity and then getting the value back out) and finally (due to a weird bug in a WebKit nightly that gave me reason to poke) I cleaned it up:

new dojo._Animation({
    duration: 500,
    easing: dojo.fx.easing.backOut,
    curve: [0.0, 1.0],
    onAnimate: renderPie

I am sure there is an easier way too!

FYI, the “pie” is finally a pie menu in tip, which will make its way to a Bespin version push soon with functionality we have been dying to get in production since the initial prototype.

4 Responses to “Cleanup of manual animation via Dojo Animation”

  1. Andrea Giammarchi Says:

    I am sure there is an easier way too!

    Sure, that callback as is is redundant ;-)

    new dojo._Animation({
    duration: 500,
    easing: dojo.fx.easing.backOut,
    curve: [0.0, 1.0],

  2. dion Says:

    Ah nice, fixed. In the real code it is actually doing a bit more….

    Thanks Andrea :)

  3. Andrea Giammarchi Says:

    Well, at this point I guess that’s the cleanest/best way and a nice one. This kind of fx is in any case a common one, so the only thing I could think about is an extension with a parameter for the image in order to spinIn and spinOut the image adding every other callback implementable.

    P.S. I had an absolutely weird behavior with FF3.5 and only the first time when the image entered starting from a different angle (less than zero) and I could even notice different fillRect colors as squares … silly of me not a shot, sorry for that!

  4. Peter Higgins Says:


    This is exactly what I had in mind when I’d suggested it. I had meant for you to simply remind me to send in a patch, but you seem to have done just fine.

    Just as a note, dojo._Animation is private in 1.0 – 1.3, but in 1.4 will be exposed as dojo.Animation (with an alias to preserve backwards compatibility, in typical Dojo style)

    You have an extra } in _Animation block, fwiw.


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