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Sep 11

Chuck Finley can see you deploying your code; Bespin 0.4.3

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Kevin has done a great job in his round up of the 0.4.3 Chuck Finley release of Bespin.

It may be a point release, but there is a lot of great stuff here.

Joe keeps improving on the solid collaboration work, and in this release we see nice needed features, like the ability to track where other collaborators are via cursor:

That feature will get prettier, and hopefully soon we will have the ability to show exactly who typed what.

Kevin has added a “deploy” command that allows you to take your project and sync it up to your webhost:

It is built on the cool omnisync open source project.

Go open source!

We have some awesome plans for 0.5 and beyond too. The team is really cranking.

2 Responses to “Chuck Finley can see you deploying your code; Bespin 0.4.3”

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  2. custom papers Says:

    Great code. That’s what I like in open source software. You can share it to everyone.

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