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Oct 08

Choosing !(Rails || Java)

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Leah Culver gave a talk on lessons learned from Pownce at FOWA last week. She just uploaded her slides, and an interesting part is on her choice of Django.

  • Leah was a Java programmer. Although she knew that inside and out she didn’t want to do that again this time
  • Kevin is a PHP hacker (but not a programmer ;), and Digg is PHP, but Leah didn’t want to go that route either
  • Rails is sexy and Web 2.0-y, yet Leah didn’t choose that either

Why did Leah choose Django? Ignoring the fact that Django is a very nice framework, it was much more social:

  • It is cool to be a top Django app (too late to get the same gains with Rails. Twitter was already that)
  • Python “feels” nicer to her.

That is again the key. So much of this stuff is based on how you feel. Python and Ruby are great, but they feel different. Java has a certain feeling too ;)

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