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Jan 12 Get out of your mobile contract

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CellSwapper is a social network to help you get out of your mobile service contract.

You post your details, and someone else takes it on.

This is especially interesting given the number of people saying “man, I really want to switch to cingular now for the iPhone”.

According to the US Public Interest Research Group, nearly half of all US cellular phone customers would switch, or consider switching, their current service carrier if they did not have to pay an early termination penalty of up to $240. transfers the remainder of a contract to another interested party. It is a win-win situation, as unsatisfied customer gets out of their unwanted contact and the assuming party gets a free, short-term contract – as low as 1 month – without having to pay the hefty activation fee usually incurred with a new service plan.

10 Responses to “ Get out of your mobile contract”

  1. Marc Cohen Says:

    I will be dumping my cell phone contract when the i phone comes out but I will be using

    I used celltrade last year to get into my Verizon Wireless Contract and now I`ll be using them to get out

  2. JD Halfwiser Says:

    Tried celltrade with not much luck. I posted on for free and got several takers within the day.

  3. A.M. Says:

    I just used Cellswapper and the process as not as easy as it sounds. What buyers don’t realize is that in addition to assuming the terms of your contract, they have to sign an additional 11-month contract. When they realize this, they immediately backed out of the transfer and you’ve already paid the $18.95 “success” fee that is non-refundable. Cellswapper was unable to find me any buyers and in the end I had to pay the ETF in addition to the Cellswapper “success” fee.

  4. kristy Says:

    Just saw this site mentioned last Wednesday evening on CBS 2 News. They claim to be able to help you break your cell phone contract. Anybody have any feedback about it?

  5. Brian Says:

    there is only one website that offers this service without any charge and its

  6. replica handbags Says:

    amazing,thanks for sharing!!

  7. Ashley Says:

    I have an experience working with the Canadian version of this service:
    I got out of my contract in 5 days.

  8. nancy Says:

    go with celltradeusa or cellplandepot…the others are just plain cheap copycats

  9. Stevo Says:

    A new site called Cell Escape is set up a lot better than the rest, and its completely free. I have successfilly used CellSwapper, CellTradeUSA and even Craigslist to get free phones for my family, but they are all a lot of work. The sites are buggy and don’t offer enough detail. Also, the advertisers never respond. seems to have overcome all these issues and are FREE.

  10. sam Says:

    Use, does the same thing but its completely free.

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