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Feb 15

Campfire Soft Launched

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It looks like Campfire has soft launched:

campfire launched

Some have asked who will buy this with GMail Talk, Meebo and the other slew of web based chats out there.

Their movie shows that they thought that too:

campfire movie

I think the key is integration. As a user of their other products (Basecamp etc), I would love Campfire to integrate, and have a holistic experience.

Congrats on the launch to the 37S folk. Nice and clean as always. You can tell it is a 37Signals application :)


I decided to use it for a couple of days. I do like the notion of a chat room living all the time (I am an IRC user old school guy after all. I was even an IRC operator back in the day ;).

Without that in IM, my company just knows to join channel “NAME_WE_USE” in the morning, so isn’t a huge deal, apart from the history piece.

One of the problems with the web interface though is that I can’t tell when people join, say something, leave the room. As a company we often sit on the chat room for a long time and then someone will “ping: hey have a question for you”. This use case doesn’t work great yet, so if Campfire allowed you to have visual/audio cue’s it would be there on that front.

2 Responses to “Campfire Soft Launched”

  1. David Heinemeier Hansson Says:

    For us, the key is that GMail is “just” IM. Meaning that it has the same problems as IM has ever had and that we seek to address with Campfire for group chat. We did the pro/con thing at

  2. Jim Says:

    Oh, I remember your irc days, and Pepsi. ;)

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