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May 16

Bush’s trickle down economics and our schools

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Madison is just about to vote on a referendum or three, regarding giving our schools enough money to STOP the cuts that currently have to occur.

The problem is that the Bushistas setup all of this testing for schools. Unfortunately after setting the rules, they kinda forgot to BUDGET for it. This means that the States have the burden, and can’t afford it, so they ask local school districts to do more with less.

In fact, there are LIMITS on the state giving money to schools. It is a joke.

Madison has always been proud of their schools:

Madison has fine public schools, the sort of schools that convince businesses to locate in and around this community, the sort of schools that help convince great academics with young children to join the faculty of the University of Wisconsin, the sort of schools that led Money magazine to rank this city “the best place for education” among the nation’s 300 largest metropolitan areas.

How good are Madison’s schools? At one point in recent years, the Madison Metropolitan School District was the only district in the entire country to have schools at the elementary, middle and high school levels rated as National Schools of Excellence by the U.S. Department of Education.

However, my wife is a teacher in one of these schools, and they need a lot of help.

So, we come to the referendi, which asks for money from the residents to help the bleeding. As usual, some people without kids in the schools come out crying foul. Why do people think that they need a kid in school to care. WHO IS YOUR DOCTOR.

Hopefully Madison will come out in strength and push this through as they have historically done. There is nothing more important than education. THAT is the trickle down. Good education trickles down to everything else (health, crime, …)

“Don’t pray in our schools, and we won’t think in your churches”

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  1. psikeyhackr Says:

    Why isn’t accounting mandatory?,1370,-1019-11714,00.html

    Of course economists are too dumb to handle it.

    The economics profession does not tell the American people how much they loose on depreciation of automobiles each year. There are 200,000,000 cars in the US so that should be a lot of depreciation. 6 years of higher education to unlearn algebra.

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