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Apr 30

Bubble Tea: The new rage :)

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I love living in an urban-ish area. There is a small asian tea shop called SweeTea, near Porter Square in Cambridge, MA.

They sell Bubble Tea, which I had for the first time today. How do I explain it…. well, take an iced green or black tea, add some flavour (e.g. mango, pineapple, [insert fruit]).

Sounds refreshing at this point… but what is special about it. For that my friends… you need to take a wide straw and suck. You will then get the surprise of the bubbles. These are small squidgy balls. Tapioca black pearls, or maybe lychee. You can also get grass jelly or choobees whatever they are! (have to try next time).

The reason that I heard about this was via Emily. She was turned onto it by a friend from Singapore. Apparantly it is all the rage there.

Try one in your area today! Savour the bubbles :)

5 Responses to “Bubble Tea: The new rage :)”

  1. Gavin Says:


    I’m from South East Asia (next to Singapore to be precise). Over here, the Bubble tea craze came and went a looooooong time back. The US is 2-3 years late!



  2. Cameron Says:

    Bubbles?!?!? Those are cat testicles ..

  3. Neven Says:

    Hey Dion,

    When you come up to Waterloo, I’ll take you out to the “Sweet Dreams” – Waterloo’s finest bubble tea shop :)))


  4. Troy Says:

    Yeah Bubble Tea at Sweet Dreams! Good times. I really need to cut my addiction. I have tried almost every kind, and now I am trying combinations. >_>


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