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May 25

BeanShell JSR? Do we not learn?

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RMH pointed me to a new JSR 274: The BeanShell Scripting Language.

Now, I am VERY much in support for getting various languages running on the JVM. I think that is the future for Java as a platform. I would LOVE to see JRuby kick ahead, see Groovy come to 1.0, and any other cool DSL that would allow us to express ourselves in a different way on the Java platform.

However, what is with standardizing these languages? In my opinion it made NO sense for Groovy, and I thought we had seen this.

Best of luck to the BeanShell guys, but wow.

5 Responses to “BeanShell JSR? Do we not learn?”

  1. Bob Lee Says:

    It makes a lot more sense for BeanShell than Groovy. The BeanShell language is much more conservative and mature.

  2. Brian McCallister Says:

    Heh, BeanShell is getting a lot less conservative with some of the stuff that’s been tossed around lately =)

  3. Dion Says:

    Bob -

    It may be more mature, but I still don’t see ANY reason to have a JSR :)

    Are there 10 implementations from various vendors and we need to standardize? :)


  4. Bob Lee Says:

    If BeanShell becomes part of the core Java distribution then there may be multiple implementations in the same way that we have multiple Java compiler implementations.

    In any case, the language needs to be specified. The JCP is as good or better a forum as any.

  5. Tiago Silveira Says:

    They never learn, do they?

    I’m completely with Dion, we need a good beanshell lib, not a standard. This is the return of “royal blood”, like Sun were to bless some individually selected stuff to make them worthy of hanging around the palace.

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