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Feb 29

BBC takes a look at Android

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Darren Waters sat down with Andy Rubin to take a look at an early version of Android:

The software stack, I was told, was Alpha, so not even Beta; but what I was shown gave a good indication that Android should be taken seriously by competitors like Windows Mobile and Symbian.

Google says they are driving the Android initiative because they want to see internet-style development on mobile platforms in the way that the openness of the web has given rise to Facebook and the Web 2.0 movement which should be able to migrate to the mobile phone.

Of course, coming in at the ground level of Android will give Google plenty of opportunity to tailor its own applications.

I got to spend some time with a few Windows Mobile devices this week. I found them incredibly hard to use. I felt like an old person using a device. I think that we forget what the iPhone has done for the mobile industry. it is just so easy to use. Going back to all of these magical keys and no touch screen is soooo painful and backwards. I can’t wait for my touchscreen-screen.

8 Responses to “BBC takes a look at Android”

  1. Remi Says:

    The introduction of Android as an open platform marks a major shift towards software-driven design. It requires new design and development methods that provide the ability to rapidly and efficiently introduce differentiated chipsets and handsets as well as the ability to develop, integrate and test a massive new set of applications. Its only in early versions.

  2. Mike Says:

    For more info on the android go to

  3. giuseppe Says:

    I didn’t even know about Android, thx for sharing it

  4. Daniel Says:

    I am sure, soon it will be possible to download movies straight to Android, just like youtube does now with videos.
    Thx for sharing xxx

  5. jacks Says:

    what about Android on IPhone?

  6. Sean Says:

    Great staff dude, If i could program, I will do an open source software that users can download to their mobile phone and customise it, so everyone would have a different interface

  7. Phone Says:

    Its like iPhone, but i like more the HTC !Anyway i like this

  8. iPhone Says:

    Google says they are driving the Android initiative because they want to see internet-style development on mobile platforms….bla bla ..iPhone i guess can be cloned 100%

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