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Aug 03

Bad Email UI

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It is so easy to nitpick on UI…. but this one gets to me everytime, and doubly so that it comes from Apple (known for user experience).

Season Pass Email

There are two links in the email. One is at the top, and the other is after the header showing the name of the show. The one next to the show sends you to preferences rather than downloading the darn thing! Both are “click here”.

How about a big link/button: “Download your show now”.

Is this just me?

2 Responses to “Bad Email UI”

  1. Sri Sankaran Says:

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with making the same phrase in a document clickable but leading to different place. It is all contextual. The second instance clearly states what clicking here would do.

    That said hyperlinking the phrase “click here” is a pet peeve of mine. Text should read the same in electronic and hard copy format. If you had a printout of the email what good would the hyperlink on “click here” do for you? My preference would be to hyperlink the phrase “Account preferences” in the latter case.


  2. Mark Says:

    I agree that “click here” should not be something that the user ever sees it was much more prevalent in the early days and I’m talking some. Personally I think it should always be the true target action. In the case above as Sri says change it to “episodes, to edit your [u]Account preferences[u].” For the former, the action is “download” so hyperlink it and remove “click here” and adjust the verbage to suit – surely people have grasped the concept of clicking on hyperlinks by now! ;-)

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