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Jun 21

Back from vacation in the Virgin Islands

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I finally did it. I took a holiday for the first time in many years where I didn’t take my laptop. It certainly felt strange to be away from the world for so long, but it had to be done. One of the aims of the holiday was to:

Vacation away from the obligations of communication

Spending days on the white sandy beaches, with turqoise water in which you can see straight to the ocean floor as it is crystal clear. There was fun with dinghies, beach balls, ice cold smoothies, but all in all we tried to do as little as possible.


Now, I let me computer grab email all night and I have 6000 just in my spam folder :/ If I haven’t replied to you…. it may have snuck in there!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hope you did some scuba diving there…

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