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Oct 28

Article: Give your DB a Break

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My article on DB caching and scalability went up on TheServerSide.


How many projects have you worked on where the bottleneck in testing was the database, for both performance and scalability? In my experience, getting to the data, creating new data, and updating data takes a fair amount of effort.

If you are developing a small application, then you may not be worrying about scalability as much. However even small applications like to run fast! When you get to larger enterprise applications, then the concern grows significantly. As you add more and more concurrent users your poor database gets more and more bogged down.

This article discusses how caching data in front of the database can give our DB a break, and allow for faster running, and more available applications.

In particular, We will look at:

* What is clustering?
* Using a distributed cache
* Caching strategies
* Read-through / Write-behind caching
* Technologies that integrate nicely into this architecture

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