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Jun 10

APrefixing NCommon IInterfaces

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Cedric discussed the recent Artima interview of Erich Gamma.

Cedric and Erich make good points, and are worthwhile reads for sure.

I know Ced is more Hungarian than French though, and I don’t get it :)

More posts like this and Howard will be happy that he used IEverything in Tapestry ;)

It isn’t a huge deal, but I really am not a fan of prefixing items with anything. I don’t like it as it gets out of the way for me. We rarely do this in English.

I want to use a Person, not an IPerson. Who cares if it happens to be an interface or a concrete class, or an abstract class? I actually don’t mind if that is encapsulated from me. I really often don’t care.

If I do care, then I let me IDE tell me what I am dealing with. Maybe someone should write an Eclipse plugin to put “I” at the beginning of all interfaces for the Hungarian crowd? And, strip them off for the others?

Keeps coming back to allowing a VIEW on my source code :)

12 Responses to “APrefixing NCommon IInterfaces”

  1. James Strachan Says:

    I’m in complete agreement; IDEs these days are clever enough to colour code the context associated with a name (fields, local variables, variables which are never assigned to, variables which are never read, class types etc) so I don’t see why this isn’t just an IDE thing – get your IDE to highlight classes v abstract classes v interfaces.

    Then stick to regular names and drop the hacky prefixes (we’re not doing C these days).

    BTW another down side of prefixes is it makes changing the code harder – code using a class (rather than implementing/extending it) doesn’t typically care if its a class, abstract class or interface.

  2. Grant Rettke Says:

    In Java or .NET, interfaces are not classes, so we indicate the difference between a class and an interface to other developers using the convention I<noun>.

    In a language like C++ or Eiffel, this issue does not exist, because everything is a class.

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