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Feb 28

Apple Mail

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Although I am still enjoying the MacBook Pro, that doesn’t mean that it and Mac OS X are perfect.

Today I will pick on Apple Mail.

  • Apple likes nice widescreen monitors so you would assume that Apple Mail would have support for widescreen mode (a la NewNewsWire, Outlook, etc). I want 3 vertical panes, not a horizontal split pane!
  • Labels: I don’t want to have to install MailTags to get tagging. I want it to be builtin and part of the UI
  • Let me toggle threading with a simple keystroke (without making me set one up)
  • The spam filter is poor. You need spam sieve
  • Roll up, Roll up: I want to be able to set parent folders to show me all of the mail in siblings (a la NNW). Inbox does it.

It is a nice simple client, but it lacks the advanced tools that I really want.

However, I know that Apple keeps updating its tools, so here is to v3.

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