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Oct 23

AOP – New languages or not?

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Rickard has a blog entry “AOP – academic vs community” in which he notices that everyone and their auntie is creating a new language for AOP in the academic community.

Rickard seems to much prefer the “we can do this in Java” way of doing things. Althought I am sure that we won’t be using these languages in mainstream, this is what people do in academia isn’t it? They test boundaries, try out assumptions, etc.

I am personally interested in both: a) what cool AOP things we can do with our current languages, and b) what cool concepts *deserve* new keywords, and new constructs in a language. I have grown to like AspectJ, and think that if AOP hits off it will be natural to have a language like this.

Doesn’t it seem a little like going back in time when OOP started to develop. There were again lots of languages in academia, and “the real world” had many people saying “why not just use vtable dispatches?”, and then “let’s strap it on C [C++]“. Here we go again… lets see what happens when we jump off the round-a-bout.

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