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Sep 14

AO gaining use, or at least interest

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I was speaking about JDO 2 and Groovy at No Fluff Just Stuff in Salt Lake City.

It was a comedy of errors getting there (short story: stupid of me to rely on my cell phone alarm, and driving too fast… ending up with a cop!), but when I did, I was surprised to see as much AO content as there was.

I also was interested to see how full the sessions were. You could learn about basic AOP, AspectJ, AO Refactoring, and Applied AOP (a.k.a. more than Logging examples). Good stuff!

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  1. Otaku, Cedric's weblog Says:

    AOP still not there

    I wish Dion were right when he says that AO is gaining use, or at least interest. Indeed, we have seen a significant pick up in interest in AOP…

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