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Jul 01

“All I wanted was to build my jar and I got a web site” and the AOP panel

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My favourite quote from last night was courtesy of Jonas Boner (AspectWerkz/BEA):

All I wanted was to build my jar and I got a web site

I am sure that you can probably guess the topic… Maven.

It was another fun night chatting to folks in the community. All of the usual suspects were there, and the usual topics were covered. There are some really interesting additions to AspectWerkz at the moment. You can now do within, withincode, cflowbelow etc (using AspectJ lingo).

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get to the AOP panel but heard only good things about it. The panelists were pragmatic and it sounded like there wasn’t a “pro AOP!” and “hate AOP!” mentality from either side. It sounds more like how similar the democrats and the republicans have been in recent times (well, before Bush).

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