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Jan 19

Acegi Security Announces Version 0.7

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A fair amount of Adigio projects have taken advantage of Acegi Security instead of container managed security. They just released version 0.7.

Dear Spring Community

I’m pleased to announce the Acegi Security System for Spring release 0.7.0 is now available from http://acegisecurity.sourceforge.net. The project provides comprehensive security services for The Spring Framework. You can read about the features in detail at http://acegisecurity.sourceforge.net.

There are many changes, improvements and fixes in release 0.7.0 (as listed at http://acegisecurity.sourceforge.net/changes-report.html). The major new feature areas are:

* Significant improvements to ACL security services
* AspectJ support (useful for instance-level security)
* Refactoring of ObjectDefinitionSources (especially useful for web URI
* Automatic propagation of security identity via RMI and HttpInvoker
* Integration with Servlet Spec’s getRemoteUser()
* Refactoring of Contacts sample to use the new ACL security services
* Additional event publishing (now includes authorisation, not just
* CVS restructure to use Maven as the build system
* A new project web site with FAQs, links to external articles etc

The new ACL security services deserve special mention, as they make it possible to develop applications that require complex instance-based security without any custom code. The entire configuration of such applications can be declared in the IoC container using standard Acegi Security services, so this should help significantly improve architecture and development time.

As per the Apache APR project versioning guidelines, this is a major release. We expect the next major release will be 1.0.0, although release 0.7.0 should be considered stable enough for most projects to use. There are detailed upgrade instructions included in the release ZIP and on the Acegi Security home page.

For Maven users, Acegi Security’s latest JARs are available from http://acegisecurity.sourceforge.net/maven/acegisecurity/jars. We will also be adding release 0.7.0 and above to iBiblio.

We hope you find this new release useful in your projects.

Best regards

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