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Sep 28

-1 on +1

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Ah the good old “+1″ that started in the world of open source.

If someone asks for a vote and you reply with +1, fair enough.

These days I see random emails with people replying JUST SAYING “+1″.

Ah, what great value add.

Do you think that you are so important that just knowing that you like/dislike something is important in itself?

Conclusion: -1 +1

6 Responses to “-1 on +1”

  1. Sumit Says:


    You knew this was coming! :)

  2. morten wilken Says:

    I agree with the other poster :-)

  3. Tiago Silveira Says:

    Very true. Argumentation is a skill that comes with practice and needs reflection. Reflection needs time. If you try to justify your opinion but don’t really think it over, you might end up saying something stupid.

    Fear and too much work kill productive debate.

  4. Andreas Andreou Says:

    +1 to the first poster

  5. Alan Green Says:

    In situations where a group acts by consensus, it’s a useful shorthand, otherwise pithy arguments tend to be outweighed by wordy ones. I agree that it is being a little overused, however, since it’s such a concise interjection, I won’t complain, so unless people start using complex numbers to indicate partial agreement/disagreement plus a preference for an orthogonal feature.

  6. Jesse Kuhnert Says:

    For some reason I’m associating +1/-1 with things pre-dating open source or the internet for that matter…Like the old newsgroups or even bbs channels. Maybe I’m starting to get too old to remember which decades things started in though :( .

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