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Feb 28

Wireless Media Router: WiFi + USB

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I found a link to a new type of Wireless router… the NetGear WGT634U Wireless Media Router. Now you have a 801.11b/g 108mbps router, with a port to plugin a USB device.

I was just about to get a nice USB hard drive, as they are getting cheaper and the storage space is massive. Now I can plug it into a wireless device such as the NetGear, and I don’t need a file server!

In addition, the integration of a USB 2.0-compliant interface makes the WGT634U the industry’s first home networking product to enable the connection of an external storage device, such as a high-capacity disk drive or other USB memory device, for centralized network backup or storage and sharing of files and multimedia content.


NetGear WGT634U Wireless Media Router

NETGEAR Unveils CES ‘Best of Innovations’ Award Winning Wireless Media Router With Application-Level Shared Storage, Remote Home Portal Access, and Super Wireless Range and Speeds

PDF data sheet

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