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Jan 27

Valkommen and Good-ay to Jon Tirsen

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But what if you’re tired of software development as a concept? What if you’ve had it with yet another programming language? What if you want to build apps that maybe even your grandmother would use (I have two very internet-savvy grandmothers)? What if you want to focus on what to build not on how to build it?

This is the reason that Jon has given for why he is leaving ThoughtWorks and joining Google.

I am really excited to see Jon join. I met him at an AOSD conference and we shared a train trip back from the middle of nowhere to London. I immediately liked him for so many reasons. Anyone who I can have a good laugh with is right by me, and he is smart to boot.

I hope that we get to work together in some way, allowing me to sneak to Down Under to meet up with him. See you in Mountain View shortly though mate!

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