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Mar 01

Lisa Awards: Community Waiting for an Update

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Lisa Awards: Community Waiting for an Update

Man, what a wait. 10 years and counting? The community has started to take hold and have updated Perl 5 a lot recently, which most people outside of the core community never see as they wait for the Big One. When Perl 6 and Parrot really hit primetime, I wonder what will happen?

What about the other awards?

Got some ideas for awards you would give?

2 Responses to “Lisa Awards: Community Waiting for an Update”

  1. Pedro Melo Says:


    Although I also would like to have perl6 here now, perl5 is not waiting for perl6 to come along in the sense that perl6 is not the next version of perl5.

    perl6 is a totally new language, and perl5 will keep on going even after perl6 is wel established.

    So the updates to perl5 are not caused by the fact that perl6 is still in the forge, they are caused because the language keeps evolving, and as we in the perl comunity always have done in the past, we still keep copying the good ideas of other languages. For example, the latest perl 5.10, copies good ideas from python ruby and perl6 :).

    See? We even copy from languages that are not released yet :)

    Best regards,

  2. Tom Says:

    Actually, I think ECMAScript should share in this award.

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