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Oct 16

Leopard: October 26th. The apps are coming

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Leopard is coming. Will there be any cool secret features? I have said before that I am not that excited about the OS itself…. but finally we will get to see all of the new apps that people have been holding back because they rely on Leopard.

For example, this list isn’t exactly exciting:

  • Google Maps integration with Address Book.
  • Tricked out AppleScript.
  • Automator UI recording / playback.
  • Japanese dictionary support.
  • New, easily-printable font books.
  • Front Row now looks more like “Back Row” (the Apple TV interface) — too bad it’s still not more like Media Center.
  • New AirPort menus that show WiFi encryption.
  • Disk encryption now supports 256 bit AES.
  • Built-in grammar checker. Lord knows we need it ’round these parts.
  • Tabbed terminal.

Leopard cometh

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  1. Robert Nicholson Says:

    I think the biggest disappointment to me will be Time Machine and the fact that folks are saying that 1. you need a directly connected USB drive and that it won’t work over the wire to a NAS and secondly that it doesn’t batch up delta changes when you’re “offline” and sync them later.

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