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Mar 28

How did enterprise get into the cool kids locker room?

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Dead Coffee

I have seen a number of threads, over the last couple of years, where people claim that “Java is dead” in some fashion or another. You could argue forever on what that actually means. Java the language? Java the platform? You mean EJB? Do you realize how many people are writing Java code?

What I find more interesting, is thinking about how the enterprise folks were sexy for awhile and crossed over to the consumer side.

The cool kids these days are talking about things such as:

  • Erlang
  • Django
  • Neo RIA
  • Microformats and DSLs
  • iPhone SDKs
  • Social APIs

Not so long ago, the same people were hacking away using Java. And not just Java, but enterprise Java! J2EE folk who may have written an EJB or two. Back in the day this was sexy. How the hell did that even happen? It just doesn’t seem right :)

3 Responses to “How did enterprise get into the cool kids locker room?”

  1. Eric Hauser Says:

    Funny enough, I was playing around with VMWare Server 2.0 Beta last night. It ships with a web console for administration and runs under Tomcat. That really did not surprise me that much, but the fact that written using Struts 1.x did.

    I am not sure how much I buy this things since I seriously doubt job postings are the best indicators of the technologies that are actually being used, but just for fun:

    All those new things may be “cool”, but it is really, really hard to replace the amount of free software written in Java. I am pretty sure that JVM/CLR/Mono (maybe) will be the platform of choice for enterprise applications for the forseeable future. Whether or not Java/C# is the language of choice is another matter.

  2. Mark Holton Says:

    RESTful Rails on a cloud is cool…

  3. ChrisLoveCnm Says:

    May not be cool. But are there $$$$ to be made :)

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