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Jun 21

Forbes: Fighting talk on Open Source

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So, I am incommunicado for a week, and the world didn’t explode. I start trying to get through the mountain of email/rss that I now have as a gift for taking time out from the real world, and I instantly run across the article by Daniel Lyons.

Man he doesn’t hold back as most analysts do. He must have been shouted at by his wife or something, as he comes out with exactly what he thinks, in no uncertain terms. Kinda nice to see actually.

Cosby says IBM is just responding to customer needs. He says he hasn’t thought much about what IBM’s acquisition of Gluecode means for JBoss.

What is particularly cool about the Gluecode acquisition is:

Gluecode used to make money by selling some “closed source” programs that ran on top of its free open source stuff. No more, says IBM, which intends to release the source code for all of Gluecode’s programs and distribute them for free

A free cup of JOE huh. Nice.

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