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Sep 04

Bilingual Politics

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I was very interested to see that tonights Democratic Presendential Debate was conducted in English AND partly in Spanish. This is a big deal, to recognise hispanics, and Espanol so openly in politics. Many of the democrats spoke in Spanish at different times, trying to appeal to that voting constiuency. Wise move. There are a LOT of them!

I also happened to be in Boston last night, and went to the John Kerry rally, mainly just to see what one is like in the US. It is quite weird to be at such as “RA RA” kinda deal, but Kerry was actually a good speaker (unlike the current bloke in charge) and was quite humourous at times. “Trickle down economics? We are TIRED of Bush Trickling down on us!”.

I still can’t believe that Bush is in power, and REALLY pray that someone else gets in next year. It will be tough, but if enough people open their eyes SURELY they will see what a moron Bush is, and how evil his policies have been. Look at Iraq, look at your economy, look at healthcare, look at education. I seem to remember him saying: “Leave no child behind”… and then he has the cheak to try to stop a program like Head start??? Just after all the studies show how IMPORTANT education is before kids get to school!!! It is truly mind boggling.

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