Oct 01

Small things; How Facebook and Twitter share new features

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This is incredibly anal, but I appreciated it. When Facebook launched their new look and feel, it started out on a beta site, and then migrated to become the default. For what feels like a looooong time, I have seen this header:

Facebook New

The problem is that I get it. I know now. Let me get rid of the header please!

Twitter on the other hand did a really good job with this. When they launched the election subsite I started to see this:

Twitter Election Header

Once I internalized that I could click on the ” X ” close icon and it would minimize to this:

Twitter Election Minimized

Minimized allows me to get back to it if I want, but without taking much real estate. There have been some issues where it doesn’t seem to remember that setting, but in general I like this kind of implementation. On the right hand side they have a little box for their new look and feel that says “Notice something different? Read about the changes.” I wish that had an ” X ” too, without minimize, as again… I know it is new, and I don’t need to read about it anymore :)