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Jan 20

Why I may not get the iPhone

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At first it seemed obvious that I would get an iPhone. It is the phone I have wanted for years.

Yet, over the last couple of weeks as details come out about it, I am souring on it.

The biggest issue is that it may not allow any third party applications.

I expected the opposite Java, Objective-C, and even Ajax apps. A huge ecosystem would come about as you could now develop for the coolest phone (as well as others).

To hear Steve b.s. about third party apps not being worthy (killing the phone? hammering the network????) is painful and FUD.

I love my Apple products, but although I enjoy their software, it is third party software that really makes my Mac’s hum. Would I be on an Apple if I didn’t have Quicksilver, NetNewsWire, Textmate, insert the rest of this list?

No. There are always going to be better applications built outside of your company. Let the platform lose and see what amazing things people build Steve. If not, the iPhone will be eclipsed by copy cats that do.

3 Responses to “Why I may not get the iPhone”

  1. Guillaume Says:

    Then you might want to take a look at the openmoko phone: developer release for 350$ the 11th of march …

  2. jackson123r Says:

    The PDA phones have been about along while now all with touchscreen tech. and each new one has improved sencitivity. I got no doubts that the iphone will let us down. Ive hear that there will be 5 colours aswell. Exciting stuff


  3. replicahandbags Says:

    amazing,thanks for sharing!!

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