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Apr 27

Web 3.0 should fix this….

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Whoever fixes this will be successfull…


4 Responses to “Web 3.0 should fix this….”

  1. Phil Says:

    Something like Shareomatic [1] perhaps ?


  2. Phil Says:

    Oh – could you please remove my email address from the previous posting – and perhaps add a warning when posting a form that the email address will be displayed ? I’d also like to keep my spam count low :)

  3. Joe Walker Says:

    I keep meaning to write a plug-in for Pebble that contains a link farm as above, BUT using the CSS history hack to hide the icons from the sites that you’ve not visited, so you only get to see the DIGG button if you’ve visited DIGG.

    Details on the CSS history hack:

  4. John Eckman Says:

    The trick is that these things don’t belong in the web page in the first place – they belong in the browser chrome.

    I use the browser bookmarklet – a little javascript bit you can add to your favorites toolbar, which simply adds the URL of the page you are on to your account.

    This leaves control of which icons matter to the user, where it belongs.

    An alternate approach would be to let users choose which ones they want to appear in their preferences – you could put that in a cookie and not require login since it wouldn’t be much of a privacy issue – but I’d still prefer to put it in the browser.

    But then how will people discover new services, since one of the function of these little panels (other than causing chicklet overload) is to push users towards those services?

    The same way they’ve always discovered new services – by hearing people talk about how great they are, what they are good for, etc – not by picking a random icon from a lineup.

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