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Aug 29

Walt Mossberg really doesn’t get Gmail

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I’ve been testing the new Yahoo Mail on both Windows and Macintosh computers. It has some downsides, but it beats Gmail, in my view, both in terms of features and in terms of its ability to act like a standard computer program rather than a Web page, something for which Gmail often gets more credit.

That was written by Walt in a piece about Yahoo! Mail coming out of beta. Yahoo! Mail is great technology, and I really respect Ian and his team for what they have accomplished, but Walt totally misses the boat here.

The great thing about Gmail is that it RECOGNIZES that it is a web page!

Instead of taking Outlook and putting it online, the Gmail team looked at email and created a new way to work with it. Oh, and the spam filter on Gmail is the best I have ever used, so even if I used a non-Gmail client, I would route it through Gmail for the filtering.

Stick to the Apple promo’s Walt! :)

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