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Sep 04

Updated TheServerSide cluster to use Coherence 2.2

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We finally got around to pushing live the 2.2 version of Coherence in the TSS cluster.

I have been playing with it since it came out, and in testing it was even more performant than the 1.2 version we were using previously.

The new XML config file structure (and ability to NOT have it in the jar file itself!) has really helped us too, as with a flick of a command line switch we can use a test or staging cache configuration.

Great work by the Tangosol team!

One Response to “Updated TheServerSide cluster to use Coherence 2.2”

  1. Cameron Says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Dion!

    I hope you guys need HttpSessions soon, because we’ve got a huge update for clustered web container support in our next release (2.3).