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May 26

The Rails Development Pattern

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The team that I am is kicking into gear with Rails now. I am finding an interesting pattern in how development is going…. and it has happened before with new technology but seems even more so now:

  1. Get new requirement
  2. Start hacking on new code to fulfill requirement (Solution: X lines of code)
  3. Chat with another team mate who knows of a plugin that does half of this (Solution: X / 2 lines of code)
  4. Look at Rails Recipes and realise there is a better way to get into it (Solution: X / 4 lines of code)
  5. Generalize the problem and use MOP to simplify it’s usage (Solution: X / 10 lines of code)

At the end of the day you sit there and realise that you spent the entire day writing 100 lines of code and then deleting 90 of them. :)

14 Responses to “The Rails Development Pattern”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Sorry, but this is not related to Rails. This is actually called Refactoring.

  2. GB Says:

    What are your impressions on the final code? Is it much shorter or efficient than Java? More readable?

  3. Alan Green Says:

    10:1 is a heck of a refactoring.

  4. Anonymous Says:

    Is MOP metaobject programming or message oriented programming or what?

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  14. zecco Says:

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