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Jan 28

The Daily Show: Global Edition

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I have been telling my european friends about The Daily Show for years. It can help explain to them that “all americans don’t love Bush, and we do have good satire over here”.

I finally got to see “The Daily Show: Global Edition”, which was aired by CNN International last night in Denmark.

I often joke about how, being a brit, I need to add “Just Kidding” to sarcastic comments (I know, I know… sarcasm is the lowest form of wit) in the US. However, I saw this reversed as the Global Edition started with a screen of text saying:

The Daily Show is satire. Facts are not checked. Please do not take this literally!

I wonder if the show used to go out without that message, and people thought it was real!

Of course, The Daily Show is the most “real” news that is shown in the US (and BBC news shown on cable)

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