Nov 11

The death cron; Morbidly thinking about speaking from the dead

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I had a strange morbid thought today. In the world of blogging and Twitter and FriendFeed and Facebook, what if you croaked right now. How long would it take for your “followers” and “friends” to wonder what was up?

This lead me to think about the equivalent of the Web 2.0 version of that service where old people push a button to say “yup, still alive” every half day.

I can setup a set of programs that will do spooky things after I die, such as:

  • Email loved ones with some deep thoughts
  • In the future email people to say things like “I know I am gone, but if I was around I would be thinking about your birthday today”
  • Purchase some items from Amazon and send them out to people
  • Send out the “What I really thought” emails
  • Write out a last story in daily Tweets

This flood of programs wants to run daily, but you hold it at bay by clicking on an online button that says “Hold on Frank, still sucking in the air.”

Hmm, sounds like a winner!